Our Export and Elite Naturel in the World

"As we are progressing on the way of being an international company and growing since 1998, introducing the organic products we produce to the world and creating a global healthy future is at the top of our global targets."


Elite Naturel products, is Turkey's first certified organic juices. It is produced by direct cold press technique and consists of fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for health. It has become one of the few companies in the world with its wide product range. Ürünlerimiz ABD, Kanada, Avustralya, Fransa, Almanya, İngiltere, İsviçre, Avusturya, Hollanda, Rusya, Japonya, Kore, Çin, BAE gibi seçkin ve rekabetçi pazarlarda üstün kalitesi ile güvenilir bir Türk markasıdır.