Our farms of organic and traceable in Turkey:

"It is your most natural right to see where your products come from. We also know that it is a debt to treat you transparently. Our trained and contracted with more than 8200 farmers are doing organic farming everywhere in Turkey. We do not include any chemical in our fields. We use traceable organic seeds and organic fertilizers. Our farmers do the harvest on foot when the harvest time comes, and as a result, we minimize the use of tractors and similar vehicles. In this way, we protect nature and you as much as we can."


Organic farming is a form of controlled and certified agricultural production, from the no use of chemicals in production to production and consumption. It takes a long time like five (5) years for a garden to become organic. Our gardens are audited by international organizations every year. During all this time to support our farmers in all matters and in Turkey we contribute to increasing the number of organically farmed garden. We have a total of 1,761,673 hectares of organic agriculture.